Prepared foods fundraiser

I always regretted not doing more for the Langley community when we had the restaurant. So with my new venture I really wanted to change this. Last year we did a prepared foods line from October-Christmas and it’s something I would like to do every year at this time. The reason for running this for a short time is simple, it’s a big commitment on our part to prepare and deliver meals. Not only do we personally go out to many of producers to pick up the products, but we also do all the butchering, smoking, curing, rendering, baking etc! So, like all special things, such as birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries…this too comes around only once a year!

Since we are promoting this for a short time, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to use it as a way to raise money for a local charity/organization in Langley. After talking with Shannon about who to approach first, we both agreed The Langley Hospice society would be perfect. What they offer is for everyone. It goes beyond religious beliefs, cultures, and peoples politics. I think we all know of someone who has been in hospice care or could have used the services it offers. So this year we will be giving 5% of all prepared foods sales to the hospice. I don’t think it will be a huge amount as we are small and cater to a specific clientele base. That being said, I would like the money to go to a place that will able to put it to good use and it know will be here.

I’ve always been uncomfortable about promoting things like this, it always seems like self promotion and a business building tool. It’s not. It is something I genuinely want to do, for an organization that I believe in! So if ordering food is not your thing, but would like to give, you still can! Please follow the link to the web site and give generously!

A little more info on the Hospice Society:

The Langley Hospice Society is a community-based, non-profit organization, established in 1983.  Through generous funding and volunteer support from the community, they are committed to providing emotional, practical and social support for people who are living with terminal illness, and their family and friends throughout the last stage of illness, at the time of death and bereavement.

Their quest to ensure access to quality palliative care and bereavement support,  includes leading the way in the delivery of, and access to, grief support programs for the children, teens, adults and families they serve; and their exciting New 15-bed Langley Hospice Residence Project, that will break ground later this summer.

In addition to palliative and end-of-life care and support through the hospice residence and in the community, the Langley Hospice Society provides anticipatory, early and ongoing, individual and group grief support programs for children, teens, adults and families; education; advocacy; community outreach; volunteer training; day camp and summer camp programs, all FREE of charge to the community they serve.  More information is available at: